Why Giving is the Key to Success


What do Tony Robbins, Martin Luther King, and Jesus have in common? They all preach a common ingredient to success: giving. The key to happiness, success, and a life well lived, is philanthropy. 

Masters of industry and spiritual enlightenment are successful because they reach beyond ego and serve a greater purpose. When we give, life gives back to us with abundance, empowering our dreams. 

No matter what path we’ve chosen for ourselves, we can apply this same principle to be successful in what we’ve chosen matters to us. Abundance is available to everyone. 

As a yoga coach, I continue to strive to be better every day. I recently read “The Trinity Method” by Matt Hackney, and his book describes to me what I already know in my heart. The recipe to all wealth is give, give, take. 

The key to success is giving. I’ve seen the power of giving as the path to enlightenment through  I’ve seen this principle in action with my clients. When my master teaches me a new exercise to awaken my body, it only resonates in my being once I’ve taught it to others. 

As I teach my students what my teachers have taught me, the interaction is a reflection of my own progress. As I realign my students, I realign myself. My students reflect to me where my own body is desiring more space, breath, and love. As I teach them to breathe more to create more space in their bodies, we both blossom. 

Before they believe they’re ready to also teach, I empower them to start teaching too. They then experience the spiritual wealth that comes from discovering how much they also have to give. 

And with the realization that the more you give, the more you receive, we all blossom together. 


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