Life is Dynamic – Move It! 


It’s amazing to remember that life is constantly in motion.  Even when we are perfectly still, we are spinning as we ride the earth around the sun. We are in a constant dance. 

All of nature is constantly in motion, and we are no different. We may think we have a personality, and that our personality tendencies are fixed. Realize that this is a belief system, and that we can actually take on any personality any moment we want. We have incredible power over who we are, and how we experience reality. 

So be more dynamic. Since immersing in intensive training, people often ask me: how do you do so many different things in such a short amount of time? With a high end coach to keep me on track, I’ve learned to be more dynamic. I allow my spirit to take action on what’s truly desired, and apply an agile management system to my own spiritual work. I keep in mind that life is a marathon and not a sprint. It is healthy for me to move in many directions strategically and methodically. 

For example, I am writing this article while on vacation in between activities in the back seat. I practice zen by taking time to tidy up our space. Yoga is not only found in studios, and can be done in five minute intervals- for example, while in line for ice cream. In between making sand sculptures on the beach, I do sets of push ups. Ah, work and play, together at last. 

It all begins within you. There is no such thing as unproductive idleness. When you’re in transit, think healthy and happy thoughts that assist you in planning actions to fulfill your dreams. Whether that’s going over a dance count, reviewing your mantras for an upcoming interview, or reviewing business strategy for your start up – own your time and use your energy in productive ways. 

And of course, keep your footing and balance by holding space for stillness and nothingness too. Nap, work, play, and  enjoy the dance to a dynamic life! 


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Aristocratic Innovation. I lead creative teams to dream in reality while coming into unity as a tribe using Agile methods. I play with Brand Identity, Color Theory, Team Leadership, Artistic Expression, and Choreographing the Consumer Image.

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